Configuring Proxifier for Direct Connections to Proxy Server

When using direct connections to a proxy server, access to the Internet will be supported by all programs that have proxy server settings, or by programs that use proxy system settings (from Internet Explorer).

However, some software does not have proxy server settings, which is why it is necessary to use specialized software on end workstations to output such programs to the Internet.


Perform standard browser settings for direct connections to the proxy server, and then configure the program to redirect the rest of the traffic to the proxy server.

In the proxy server settings in Proxifier, enter the IP address of the local SafeUTM interface and the port specified in the proxy settings for direct connections (see the proxy server documentation). Protocol type: HTTPS. Authorization settings are optional.


After adding a proxy server, answer yes to questions about creating rules for redirecting traffic to it.

You can also edit these settings later:


The setup is finished, and the programs will access the Internet through the specified proxy server.

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