What to Do If Internet Does Not Work

Step 1. Check user parameters

Make sure that the user being checked is logged in to the server. Possible user statuses are described in the chapter User Tree.

Step 2. Checking the user's computer

Run ping command from the user's computer to address Start -> Run, enter the command cmd, in the window that appears enter ping

Step 3. Checking Internet access on the server

Go to Terminal in the web interface: run the command ping, to stop ctrl+c.

If the ping fails:

If the ping passes, go to Step 4.

Step 4. Checking the firewall
Step 5. Checking web traffic

If the user receives responses to echo requests with the command ping both by domain name and IP address, but there is no web traffic:

If you failed to solve the problem, please send the following to technical support:

1. Take screenshots of the user’s tab General in an expanded form and contact us via the support portal or email us at support@safedns.com.

2 . Enable Remote Assistant mode and contact technical support: https://www.safedns.com/resource/support-ticket.

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