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16. Adding IP address range to the SafeDNS dashboard.

Adding IP addresses range to the SafeDNS dashboard.

1. When you need to add an IP address range to the dashboard (e.g. copy these characters to an Excel file or in Google tables ( as shown below:


2. Change characters to the initial IP address and then pull down the pointer from the lower right corner of the first cell:


3. Pull down the cursor until it reaches the 257 row, then release the pointer.
Then copy all cells to the cache (operative memory).


4. Go to the SafeDNS dashboard "Settings" -> "Devices" tab and press the "Edit as list" button.


5. Paste the list of IPs copied from Excel (1) and press the "Save" button (2).


6. After that you will see the list of IP addresses you add assigned to an active filtering Policy.