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Transferring Data and Settings to Another Server

In order to transfer the installed SafeUTM from one server to another with all the settings saved, follow these steps:

Step 1: Copying backups from the server

Go to Server Management -> Backup -> create a backup of the server settings. Download the created copy to your computer by clicking Download in the column Operations.

Step 2. Installing SafeUTM on a new server

Installation instructions: Installation Process.

Step 3: Transfer backups to a new server

Go to Server Management -> Backup of the server web interface, click on the Add backup button -> Download from file, and select the backup downloaded at the first stage.

Step 4: Restoring the database from backups

Click Apply in the column Operations. The system will be rebooted to apply the server settings.

Transferring Mail Server Data

To transfer data with the transfer of mail to a separate disk, follow these steps:

1. Download all mail from /var/mail/ folder to external storage. This can be done using various programs for copying files between a local computer and a remote server (for example: rsync, WinSCP, ssh scp, etc.).
2. Install the latest version of SafeUTM from the boot image to the physical disk.
3. Connect the second physical disk that will be used for storing mail.
4. In the SafeUTM web interface, go to Mail Relay -> General Settings, select a disk for storing mail, and format it.
5. Allow SSH access from local networks in Server Management -> Administrators.
6. Connect to UTM, for example, using the WinSCP program, and copy all the mail along the path /var/mail/ .
7. After copying the mail files, you need to run the command chown -R mail-backend:mail-backend /var/spool/mail/. This command changes the owner and group for mail files so that the dovecot mail daemon can have access to these files.

If the mail has already been moved to a separate disk, connect it to UTM and jump to step 7.