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Automatic creation of a user with authorization by IP address for a device trying to access the internet via SafeUTM.

Netscan creates MAC authorization for local addresses on a single Ethernet segment. If the device is located on a local network behind a router, then Netscan will create authorization by IP address.
This module does not scan the network in search of devices but works in a passive mode.

A user will automatically be created when trying to access the internet in the specified group with the name corresponding to the IP address or NetBIOS name. If the NetBIOS name could not be determined, then by IP address.
1. Device Detection.png

If necessary, you can restrict LANs, users from which will be automatically added and authenticated on SafeUTM. For example, this way you can authenticate users connecting via Wi-Fi or another open network.

When connecting to UTM as a proxy server the Netscan system will not work.