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User's Personal Account

To quickly configure user connections, you can enable access to the SafeUTM web interface.

In the personal account accessible with the use of SafeUTM accounts details (local or domain, in case of integration with Active Directory), users will be able to download ready-made PowerShell scripts to create user connections and a link to instructions for setting up a VPN and running scripts.

You can enable access from the Internet to your personal account and SafeUTM administration web interface in the section Server Management -> Administrators by enabling the setting Access to the web interface from external network. After enabling the parameter, the personal account and the web administration interface will be accessible by the IP address of the SafeUTM external interface.

If the external IP address of SafeUTM is not included in the "white" networks, then you need to forward port 8443 on the upstream device.

1. User's Personal Account.png

When logging in under a user account (including those imported from Active Directory), it will be possible to download scripts for creating VPN connections and a link to instructions for their implementation.

Users will also be able to remotely administer the SafeUTM server.