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Subnet Authorization

This type of authorization allows you to create an authorization rule for a specific UTM user from a specific subnet

In order not to register each device as a separate UTM user and not to fix authorization factors for it, you can use Subnet Authorization.

This feature will allow a UTM user from the desired subnet to auto-authorize without being tied to a MAC and/or specific IP and will be useful if a large number of devices need to be auto-authorized.

Traffic across the entire subnet will be recorded per user.
In a network for which a Subnet Authorization rule has been created, DHCP can work.

For example, there is a WiFi subnet on the subnet from which devices should be allowed to log in. Create an authorization rule:

1. Go to the Users –> User & Group section and click Add user

2. Fill in the fields Subnet name, Login, and click Save1. Subnet Authorization.png

3. Go to the section Users –> Authorization –> Subnet authorization and click Add in the upper left corner

4. Fill in the fields and click Save:

  • User - select the user created in step 2
  • Subnet - enter IP and subnet mask
  • Comment - (optional)
    2. Subnet Authorization.png

Be careful when creating Subnet authorization rules
There will be problems with authorization if:
- There are overlapping networks for different users
- There are rules for authorizing users by IP addresses from a subnet in the Subnet authorization rule;
- Rules have been created in the Fixed VPN IP addresses subsection with binding to an IP address from the subnet of the Subnet authorization rule.