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Huawei iMaster NCE Campus Setup


  1. Sign up for a Reseller account by contacting the SafeDNS Sales team (
  2. Create a sub-account for each tenant or group of tenants, implementing the multi-tenant capability of SafeDNS.
  3. Configure the filtering rules for each tenant.
  4. Receive the public Subscription API key from the SafeDNS manager.
    To read more about API methods, please check the Subscription API documentation.


Connect a SafeDNS account to iMaster NCE controller


  1. Navigate to System > System Settings > Third-Party Service > DNS Interconnection Parameters.
  2. Fill information in the following fields:
    • DNS IP-Address Main:
    • DNS IP-Address Secondary:
    • Account: sub-account to connect to SafeDNS
    • Public key: public Subscription API key

Activate URL-Filtering
  1. Select a site in iMaster NCE controller, on which you want to use URL Filtering
  2. Navigate to Provision > Physical Network > Site Configuration.
  3. Select a site from the site drop-down list in the upper left corner.
  4. Navigate to the Site Configuration tab.
  5. Navigate to AP > Advanced.
  6. Enable DHCP.
  7. Set DHCP server parameters.
  8. Enable Third-party URL Filtering.


(Optional) Update TLS certificate

A SafeDNS certificate is used for unidirectional authentication between iMaster NCE-Campus and a third-party SafeDNS server.
This operation is involved in URL filtering by SafeDNS.

By default, the SafeDNS certificate is preinstalled on iMaster NCE-Campus.

Contact SafeDNS if you need an updated certificate.

  1. Log in to iMaster NCE Campus as the system administrator.
  2. Navigate to System > System Management > Certificate Management.
  3. Select Service Certificate Management
  4. Select CampusCfgService_SafeDNS.
  5. Click on the Trust Certificate tab.
  6. Click Import.
  7. Set Certificate Format to DER.
  8. Select the certificate file and click Submit.
  9. Wait for 2 minutes.
  10. Restart the CampusCfgService service for the certificate to apply:
    1. Log in to the management panel.
    2. Navigate to Product > System Monitoring > Service tab.
    3. Search for CampusCfgService.
    4. Select the service.
    5. Click Stop.
    6. Click Start.
  11. Log in to the iMaster NCE Campus and check whether the certificate file is successfully uploaded to the following path: /opt/oss/NCECAMPUS/apps/CampusCfgService/controller/configuration/safedns