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Cisco Umbrella to SafeDNS migration

In this guide, we will tell you how to migrate from Cisco Umbrella to SafeDNS while keeping all settings and preferences.
The guide includes an example of router setup, filtering policy settings migration, and categories migration.

1. Set up the router

Change the DNS servers in your router to and
Please note, that your router's interface might be different from the one in the picture.

1. OpenDNS to SafeDNS migration.png

2. Add public IP address

Add the public IP address of your network to the SafeDNS Dashboard > Settings > Devices. For your convenience, it is always shown at the top of the page, under "Your IP address". This setting is similar to the Cisco Umbrella's Networks section.

Cisco Umbrella


Just copy your public IP address, paste it into the IP address field, and click "Add".

3. OpenDNS to SafeDNS migration.png

SafeDNS also supports Dynamic IP addresses, DynDNS hostnames, and IPv6.
More information about router setup can be found here:
IPv6 router setup:

3. Create a custom filtering policy

If you need more than one filtering policy, you can always create a new one in the SafeDNS Dashboard > Settings > Policy tab.

4. OpenDNS to SafeDNS migration.png

Each filtering policy has its settings for the Advanced Settingsfiltering CategoriesAppBlocker, and Allow/Denylists.

5. OpenDNS to SafeDNS migration.png

4. Apply filtering categories

Cisco Umbrella security settings are built into the SafeDNS filtering Categories.

For example, Malware/Botnet protection, and Phishing Attacks options of Cisco Umbrella are identical to SafeDNS Botnets, Phishing & Typosquatting, and Malware categories.
These categories are already blocked by default in the SafeDNS Dashboard > Categories tab.


The "Allowlist only" feature blocks access to any domain not listed on the Allowlist (see below).

SafeDNS also has the "Unknown Sites" category for the new non-categorized domains.


Transfer settings from the DNS Policies page of Cisco Umbrella to SafeDNS Categories.

Cisco Umbrella




Here is a transfer list of content filtering categories of Cisco Umbrella vs SafeDNS.

Cisco Umbrella category

SafeDNS primary category

SafeDNS additional category


Adult Sites


Online Ads


Alcohol & Tobacco

Animals and Pets









Business and Industry





Chat and Instant Messaging

Chats & Messengers

Cheating and Plagiarism

Academic Fraud

Cloud and Data Centers

Computers & Internet

Computer Security

Security section

Computers and Internet

Computers & Internet

Conventions, Conferences, and Trade Shows







Digital Postcards

Computers & Internet


Dining and Drinking

Alcohol & Tobacco

DIY Projects



DoH and DoT Computers & Internet
Dynamic and Residential Computers & Internet

Education Education

Entertainment Entertainment

Extreme Adult Sites

Hate & Discrimination

Fashion Shopping

File Transfer Services File Storage

Filter Avoidance VPN, Proxies, and Anonymizers

Finance Finance

Freeware and Shareware Computers & Internet

Gambling Gambling

Games Games

Government and Law Politics, Society, and Law


Hacking Phishing & Typosquatting

Malware and Ransomware

Hate Speech Hate & Discrimination

Health and Medicine Health & Fitness

Humor Humor

Hunting Weapons

Illegal Activities Illegal Activity section

Illegal Downloads Torrents & P2P

Illegal Drugs Drugs

Infrastructure and Content Delivery Networks Computers & Internet

Internet of Things Computers & Internet

Internet Telephony Computers & Internet

AppBlocker's VoIP

Job Search Jobs & Career

Lingerie and Swimsuits Adult Sites


Lotteries Gambling

Military Weapons
Mobile Phones Computers & Internet Science & Technology
Museums Arts
Nature and Conservation Blogs
News News & Media
Non-governmental Organizations Business Non-profit
Non-sexual Nudity Adult Sites
Not Actionable Contentless Domains
Online Communities Forums Social Networks
Online Document Sharing and Collaboration File Storage
Online Meetings Chats & Messengers

Online Storage and Backup File Storage
Online Trading Finance E-commerce
Organizational Email Webmail
Paranormal Astrology
Parked Domains Parked Domains
Peer File Transfer File Storage
Personal Sites Blogs
Personal VPN VPN, Proxies, and Anonymizers
Photo Search and Images Photo Sharing
Politics Politics, Society, and Law
Pornography Pornography & Sexuality
Private IP Addresses as Host Computers & Internet
Professional Networking Computers & Internet
Real Estate Real Estate
Recipes and Food Health & Fitness
Reference Computers & Internet
Regional Restricted Sites (Germany)
German Youth Protection
Religion Religious
SaaS and B2B Corporate sites Business
Safe for Kids Kids, Home & Family Education
Science and Technology Science & Technology
Search Engines and Portals Search Engines, Portals
Sex Education Adult sites Education
Shopping Shopping
Social Networking Social Networks
Social Science Science & Technology
Society and Culture Politics, Society & Law
Software Updates Computers & Internet
Sports and Recreation Sports
Streaming Audio Music & Radio
Streaming Video Movies & Video
Terrorism and Violent Extremism Hate & Discrimination
Tobacco Alcohol & Tobacco
Transportation Automotive
Travel Travel
URL Shorteners Computers & Internet
Weapons Weapons
Web Cache and Archives Computers & Internet
Web Hosting Computers & Internet
Web Page Translation Computers & Internet
Web-based Email Webmail

5. Set up Allow/Denylists

You can always allow or block custom domains using Allow/Denylist.
Simply enter a domain you want to allow or deny to the list and click "Add". You can also add domains in bulk using the "Edit as list" button.

10. OpenDNS to SafeDNS migration.png

More information about Allow/Denylists and Named lists can be found here.

6. Explore additional features

Advanced settings

Here you can enable Safe Search for Google and Bing, force the Restricted mode for Youtube, create a custom Blockpage, set up the filtering in the Active Directory environment, and redirect domains to different IP addresses with the Aliases.

11. OpenDNS to SafeDNS migration.png


Unlike other content filtering systems that use simple schedules with complete blocking of internet access based on time, SafeDNS uses a complex system of schedules that can be flexibly configured for any needs and any scenario.

12. OpenDNS to SafeDNS migration.png


Here you can block individual applications or ecosystems. It is similar to Categories - just select the app you need to block and press "Save changes".

13. OpenDNS to SafeDNS migration.png

7. Download the SafeDNS Agent app

Our service can also be set up on the individual devices.
SafeDNS Agent is available for Windows, Linux, and Android systems. iOS and macOS agents are coming soon.

More information about the Agent can be found here:
Windows -
Linux -
Android -
Unsupported mobile devices (yet) -



If you have any questions about the migration to SafeDNS, please contact our support team via online chat or by email at