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Keenetic Router Setup

SafeDNS service in Keenetic routers is implemented as an operating system component. You can add or remove this Internet Safety service from the system and turn it on or off completely, without affecting the parameters of the main Internet connection: SafeDNS will work behind any NAT and with a dynamic IP address.

It is not possible to run SafeDNS, Cloudflare DNS, and AdGuard DNS services at the same time. Only one of them can be used.

Before setting up the Internet safety service, register your home network devices according to the instruction Connected devices registration.


1. Select "SafeDNS" in the 'Service' field on the "Internet safety" page.

1.Keenetic Router Setup Guide.png

2. Enter your SafeDNS account's parameters by clicking "Log in" in the "SafeDNS account" section. If you do not have a SafeDNS account yet, click "Create account".

2.Keenetic Router Setup Guide.png

3. Enter your SafeDNS account e-mail/login and password.

3.Keenetic Router Setup Guide.png

4. Assign filtering policies in the "Assignment of protection policies to devices" section.

You can assign filtering policies to permanent home network devices (registered in Keenetic) and the default policy for all unregistered devices.

4.Keenetic Router Setup Guide.png

Your devices connected to the Keenetic router are now filtered with the assigned SafeDNS filtering policies.

Please note that settings take 5-7 minutes to apply.
Stats and filtering status update every 10 minutes.