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List of SafeDNS Categories

ID Category Description
2 Unknown websites

All uncategorized websites. Most of them are technical domains that are parts of many websites. They are not categorized intentionally in some cases.
We generally recommend blocking Unknown websites only when you need access to certain websites.

3 Malware
Sites spreading malware
4 Phishing & Typosquatting 
Sites deceiving internet users (e.g. fake pages, scams, fraud)
5 Online Ads Advertising systems and banner networks
6 Drugs Sites advertising or selling drugs
7 Tasteless Sites containing excessive amounts of tasteless language or unmoderated forums
8 Academic Fraud Sites with plagiarism, academic fraud, etc.
9 Parked Domains Sites without any content that are temporarily placed at the domain registrar; are often used for virus propagation
10 Hate & Discrimination Sites spreading the propaganda of aggression, racism, terrorism
11 Proxies & Anonymizers Sites containing ways to bypass content filters
12 Botnets & C2C
Malicious websites
13 Adult Sites Adult content, mostly about sex but without pornography
14 Alcohol & Tobacco Sites selling or containing information about alcohol and tobacco
15 Dating Dating websites
16 Pornography & Sexuality Sites containing pornography in any form
17 Astrology Occult and astrology sites
18 Gambling Casinos, lotteries, and other gambling systems
19 Child Sexual Abuse (IWF) Sites containing child sexual abuse images, criminally obscene adult and child sexual abuse content from a list compiled by Internet Watch Foundation/IWF (UK)
20 Torrents & P2P Torrent trackers and peer-to-peer networks
21 File Storage File-sharing sites, file archives
22 Movies & Video Online movies and videos
23 Music & Radio Internet radio and music archives
24 Photo Sharing Archives of photos, photo galleries
26 Chats & Messengers Online chats and instant messengers, messaging systems servers
27 Forums Web forums
28 Games Computer and videogames websites
29 Social Networks Social networking services (e.g. Facebook)
30 Entertainment Entertainment portals; cafes and restaurants; sites with information about leisure
31 German Youth Protection Sites considered unsafe by the Federal Department for media harmful to young persons (BPjM, Germany)
32 Automobile Sites about cars and other types of transport
33 Blogs Systems of mass hosting, personal websites, blogs
34 Corporate Sites Sites of commercial organizations
35 E-commerce Online shops
36 Education Websites of educational institutions, educational portals
37 Finances Sites of banks and other financial institutions
38 Government Official government sites
39 Health & Fitness Sites of hospitals, medical centers, and health care organizations; health portals
40 Humor Humorous and entertaining sites, often tasteless
41 Jobs & Career Job portals
42 Weapons Websites about weapons and army
43 Politics, Society, and Law Political news; political parties and organizations; legal organizations; laws
44 News & Media News agencies, media sites
45 Non-profit Sites of non-profit organizations
46 Portals Common portals
47 Religious Sites of religious and anti-religious organizations
48 Search Engines Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.
49 Computers & Internet Sites about IT, software, internet, and computers
50 Sports Sites about sports or sports organizations
51 Science & Technology Scientific organizations sites; science news
52 Travel Sites about tourism and travel
53 Home & Family Sites about home, family, and hobbies
54 Shopping Sites with shopping unrelated to online stores
55 Arts Museums, art portals, and galleries
56 Webmail Webmail systems
57 Real Estate Sites with information about sales and purchases of the real estate
58 Classifieds Classifieds
59 Business Sites about businesses and economics
60 Kids Sites for children
63 Trackers & Analytics Web analytics systems, including user tracking
65 Child Sexual Abuse (Arachnid) Sites containing child sexual abuse material from a list compiled by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (CAN) as part of its Project Arachnid
66 Cryptojacking Sites illegally mining cryptocurrencies
67 Online Libraries Sites of online libraries
70 DGA

DGAs are algorithms detected in various malware families, which are used to periodically generate a large number of domain names that can be used as a default with their management and control servers.

71 Ransomware Sites spreading ransomware
72 Generative AI Sites of well-known AI services, chatbots, and text/picture generators
100 Contentless Domains These sites may lack any meaningful or legitimate content, making their purpose unclear or unreliable, and due to their dubious nature, they pose potential risks to users