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List of AppBlocker apps

Category Description

Shodan Search engine that lets users search for various types of servers connected to the internet using a variety of filters.
Zscaler Standalone cloud proxy, that monitors your organization's traffic enabling you to set policies for blocking transactions.
Tor Software for enabling anonymous communication.

Ecosystem Applications
WeChat Chinese instant messaging, social media, and mobile payment app developed by Tencent.
Apple Apple Inc. online services.
Cisco Cisco Systems Inc. online services.
Google Google online services.
Microsoft Microsoft Corporation online services.

YouTube Online video sharing and social media platform.
Amazon Prime Video Video on-demand, streaming and rental service of Amazon.
Disney+ Video on-demand, streaming service of The Walt Disney Company.
Netflix Streaming service and production company.

File Sharing
4shared File-sharing website.
BitTorrent Client BitTorrent client used for uploading and downloading files via the BitTorrent protocol.
Box Cloud based file hosting and collaboration tool.
Dropbox Cloud based file hosting service.
FASTdrive UK-based cloud storage.
FileFactory Online file storage service.
Leechers Paradise Service that provides downloads from various file hostings. Usenet file downloader.
MediaFire Online file hosting and cloud storage.
OpenTrackr BitTorrent peer tracker software.
qBittorrent Client Cross-platform free and open-source BitTorrent client.
ShareFile Content collaboration, file sharing and sync software.
Syncthing Peer-to-peer file synchronization application.
Syncplicity File share and synchronization service.
The Pirate Bay Online index of digital content of entertainment media and software. BitTorrent tracker.
Xender File transfer application.
uTorrent Client BitTorrent client used for uploading and downloading files via the BitTorrent protocol.
Zer0day Tracker BitTorrent tracker.

Ethermine Cryptocurrency mining pool.
Flypool BEAM Cryptocurrency mining pool.
Flypool Ravencoin Cryptocurrency mining pool.
Flypool Ycash Cryptocurrency mining pool.
Flypool Zcash Cryptocurrency mining pool.

Xbox network Online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service created and operated by Microsoft.
Sony PlayStation Network Digital media entertainment service provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
Nintendo network Nintendo's online services.
GOG Digital distribution platform for video games and films.
Steam Video game digital distribution service and storefront.
Fortnite Online video game.
Epic Games Store Digital video game storefront.

GMX Email service provided by Global Mail eXchange.
ProtonMail End-to-end encrypted email service.
Hushmail Encrypted web-based email service.
SendGrid Customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email.
Thunderbird Email client by the Mozilla Foundation.
Yahoo Mail Email service by Yahoo, Inc.

Slack Messaging program for the office and personal use.
Skype Telecommunications application.
Discord VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform.
Disqus Blog comment hosting service.
ICQ Cross-platform instant messaging and VoIP client.
Kakao Talk Mobile messaging app for smartphones by Kakao Corporation.
KIK Instant messaging mobile app.
Pushover Push notification service on smartphones and computers.
Rocket.Chat Enterprise communication and collaboration platform.
Signal Encrypted instant messaging service.
Tencent QQ Chinese instant messaging service and web portal.
Zalo Vietnamese messaging service.
Viber Japanese VoIP and instant messaging service.
Facebook messenger Instant messaging app and platform by Meta.
Telegram Cloud-based instant messaging service.
WhatsApp Instant messaging and VoIP service by Meta.

Baidu Chinese search engine and online services.
Daum South Korean web portal.
Hao123 Chinese online listings portal.
Mail.Ru Russian web portal.
So 360 Chinese search engine.
Sogou Chinese search engine.
Sohu Chinese web portal.
TouTiao Chinese news and information content platform.
Yahoo Web services provider.

Remote Desktop
RemotePC Remote access and remote control software application.
AnyDesk Remote desktop application.
TeamViewer Remote access and remote control computer software.
BeyondTrust Identity management / access management, and remote access software.
VNC Remote access software.
Zoho Assist Indian web-based business tools.
Chrome Remote Desktop Remote desktop software tool by Google.
Splashtop Remote desktop software and remote support software.
Webex Web conferencing, videoconferencing, and unified communications service.
GoTo (Logmein) Cloud-based remote work tools.
ISL light Remote support software.

Social networks
Snapchat Instant messaging app and multimedia services.
Instagram Photo and video sharing social networking service by Meta.
Facebook Online social media and social networking service by Meta.
Twitter Microblogging and social networking service.
TikTok Chinese video hosting service.
Pinterest Image sharing and social media service.
LinkedIn Business and employment-oriented online service.

GitLab DevOps software package service.
GitHub Software development and version control service.
Sourceforge Software control and management service.

3CX VoIP software.
Houseparty Group video chatting app.
LINE Instant communications application.
Blue Jeans Network Cloud-based video conferencing service.
Jive Communications Online conferencing service.
RingCentral Cloud-based communication and collaboration services.
Telehop Voice services, and VoIP.
Twilio Communication tools for making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiving text messages. Communication services.
Voyant Cloud-based telecommunication services.
Zoom Video Videotelephony software.
Google Voice Telephone service by Google.
Microsoft Teams Business communication platform by Microsoft.
FreeConferenceCall Online conference call services.
Ooma Phone service provider for business and home.

VPN And Proxy
CyberGhost VPN Online traffic encryption service. VPN VPN service.
Hola VPN Peer-to-peer VPN service.
NordVPN VPN service.
Surfshark VPN service.
Avast SecureLine VPN VPN service.