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Android DNS Setup

Please note, that the Android user interface varies depending on the device model.

1. Open the "Settings" app and navigate to the Wi-Fi menu.

1.Android DNS Setup Guide.png

2. Press on arrow icon of your current Wi-Fi connection.

2.Android DNS Setup Guide.png

3. In the Network Details press on the "IP settings – DHCP".

3.Android DNS Setup Guide.png

4. Select the Static option and add the following addresses to DNS1 and DNS2 fields: and

Once the addresses are added, press the checkmark icon to save the settings.

4.Android DNS Setup Guide.png

5. Navigate to the SafeDNS Dashboard > Settings and copy your IP address in the "Enter an IP address or DynDNS" box. Click "Add".

5.Android DNS Setup Guide.png

Your Android device is now filtered with the SafeDNS filtering policy.


Please note that settings take 5-7 minutes to apply.
Stats and filtering status update every 10 minutes.