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SafeDNS and Active Directory

This guide explains how to set up the SafeDNS service in the Active Directory environment both with the SafeDNS Agent and in the Dashboard.

Installation of the Special Version of SafeDNS Agent

We've built the Special Version of the SafeDNS Agent, that can be used in the AD environment and networks with any local non-public DNS records.

Overall, it is the same version of the usual Agent with the same set of features. The only difference is that it works with your local DNS server or AD server directly, and not with the SafeDNS servers. Therefore, all non-public DNS/AD resources will be available by default, without any additional action.

⤵Download the Special Version of the Agent.

Manual Setup in the Dashboard

Another way to gain access to AD resources is to use special options available on Office/Enterprise plans.

You must add SafeDNS DNS-servers addresses - and - to the DNS forwarder on your Primary Domain Controller (and secondary, if applicable), so all devices in a filtered network receive SafeDNS IP addresses as the DNS. After this you need to add your external IP address to the dashboard.

Navigate to Dashboard -> Settings -> Devices and add your external IP in the section "IP addresses/DynDNS".

1.SafeDNS and Active Directory .png

Grant access to local resources.

1. Navigate to Dashboard -> Settings -> Advanced -> Active Directory.

2. Enter and add your AD domain in the form.

2.SafeDNS and Active Directory .png

3. Enter and add the name of the PDC (Primary Domain Controller) and its IP address in the local network.

3.SafeDNS and Active Directory .png

4. Add secondary domain controllers, if applicable. You can change the PDC by clicking on the pencil icon on the right.

4.SafeDNS and Active Directory .png

5. Set aliases for all required local resources in the Aliases table below. Enter the name of a local resource and its local IP address.5.SafeDNS and Active Directory .png

6. Wait about 5-7 minutes until all local resources become accessible.


Please note that settings take 5-7 minutes to apply.
Stats and filtering status update every 10 minutes.